Mint-Flavored Frozen Treats

Mint-Flavored Frozen Treats
Feb 2023

'Mint Oreo' ice cream has been permanently added to the Oreo brand's lineup of frozen treats. The frozen delight has an Oreo cookie foundation mixed with mint ice cream, allowing fans of the popular flavor to enjoy both treats in a single format. The Oreo ice cream, Oreo ice cream cones, Oreo ice cream sandwiches, and Oreo ice cream bars marked the beginning of Oreo's Frozen Treats collection. The 'Mint Oreo' flavor will be available in retail stores across the U.S.
"Last year, with the launch of Oreo Frozen Treats, we were delighted to offer a new way to enjoy the iconic taste of Oreo cookies," said Sydney Kranzmann, senior brand manager, Oreo US. "Fans loved the frozen take on the cookie they know and love and now, with the launch of Oreo Mint Frozen Treats, we have an opportunity to playfully reinvent ways for our loyal fans to enjoy one of their favorite Oreo cookie flavors."

Image Credit: Oreo