How To Consume Bhang Safely This Mahashivratri

How To Consume Bhang Safely This Mahashivratri
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Feb 2023

Shivratri is just around the corner and what adds to this much-awaited festival that celebrates Lord Shiva is bhang">bhang, a traditional drink prepared on this occasion. If legends are to be believed, when Lord Shiva drank the poison during Samundra Manthan to protect the universe from destruction, his throat turned blue and the poison led to the generation of a lot of heat in his body. That's when Lord Shiva was offered bhang. Bhang is a coolant that is said to cool and relax the body.

Shivratri celebrations are deemed incomplete without drinking up some bhang. However, it is not for everyone. But if you are planning to drink some this season, make sure you have it safely to prevent any health ailments. Here are some tips that can help you consume bhang safely this Shivratri.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Bhang is offered in multiple forms on the occasion of Shivratri. Whichever form you consume, make sure you drink a lot of water throughout the day because bhang is believed to dehydrate your body.

Consume Bhang When You Are Full

Never consume bhang on an empty stomach. Drinking it that way will only make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. Also, since bhang is high on intoxication, it isn't a great idea to drink it on an empty stomach. Always have a substantial, heavy meal before drinking a glass of bhang.


Don't Mix Bhang With Anything

How To Consume Bhang Safely This Mahashivratri

Avoid mixing bhang with other drinks. Each drink has its own unique composition and consuming bhang with another drink can harm your health.

Take Breaks In Between

Remember that bhang will always take time to kick in your body. Make sure that you don't chug one glass after an other just to get high in a jiffy, because you won't. Take it easy. Drink a glass and then let the bhang do the magic. Drinking too much bhang all at once will only make you feel uneasy later.

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Don't Buy Bhang From A Random Vendor

For a safe experience, avoid buying bhang from just about any street vendor. Head to a licensed bhang seller. Random bhang sellers often add chemicals and artificial colours to the drink, which can turn out to be harmful for your health.

Drink Bhang While Outdoors

How To Consume Bhang Safely This Mahashivratri

It is always advised to drink bhang when outdoors because the drink leads to a rise in the body temperature because of which most people end up feeling claustrophobic. But make sure you are still in a safe environment. (Health Benefits Of Bhang)

Consult Your Doctor

If you are someone who is undergoing medical treatment, and suffers from heart-related or, nerve-related issues then make sure you speak to your doctor before consuming bhang.

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Don't Take Painkillers

If you will be trying bhang for the first time this year, let us tell you that it might make your head feel heavy. However, avoid taking a painkiller as it can worsen things for you and lead to nausea. Instead, go for a bath with cold water as it helps reduce the after-effects of bhang.

Avoid Driving After Drinking Bhang

Bhang is as intense as a glass of alcohol. It isn't recommended to drive after drinking it.

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