Fast-Growing Viral Infection In India: Causes, Prevention Tips By Expert

Fast-Growing Viral Infection In India: Causes, Prevention Tips By Expert
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Mar 2023

There is a sudden spike in the number of cough and fever cases across the country and it has left us all worried. Some were concerned that the deadly COVID-19 is back. A lot of people are now complaining of symptoms like fatigue, body ache, ear ache, loss of voice, cough, cold among others. This viral infection is affecting people of all ages across India. So, what is it, do the rising cases hint at another pandemic?

The Sudden Rise In Viral Infections Across India

Fast-Growing Viral Infection In India: Causes, Prevention Tips By Expert

Thousands of people are currently suffering from viral infection and it is spreading rapidly. Diagnosed as a viral infection, this flu is accompanied by cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, headache, muscle pain, cold, fatigue, body chills, and headache, among others. The infection is reportedly leaving people physically and mentally exhausted.

We spoke to Dr. Mukesh Singh, Senior Resident (Medicine Department), Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital and asked him to share an explainer on the ongoing viral infection. He said, "Viral infections are very common in cold and humid places especially in northern parts of India. These infections are usually self resolving and usually last for a few days only with no or mild medications needed but sometimes it can take longer with other precipitating factors like other infections, pollution or allergens." "If one doesn't take proper medication and care, it can lead to prolonged cough for which a person might have to undergo proper tests to identify the causes and get treated accordingly," he added. He shared that the viral infection spreading rapidly is leading to upper respiratory tract infection that in general is called the flu.

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Precautions To Take

Fast-Growing Viral Infection In India: Causes, Prevention Tips By Expert

To keep the viral infection or flu at bay, our expert suggested taking preventive tips similar to COVID-19 precautions.

Wear a maskClean nasal and oral airways regularlyDrink hot waterGargle with lukewarm saline waterAvoid allergens if knownSeek medical help when needed

These are basic precautionary measures our expert shared to prevent the viral flu. However, if you have been suffering from persistent cold, cough, fever among other symptoms then we suggest reaching out to a health professional.

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Further, the expert shared that viruses keep on mutating and if a person is getting infected recurrently, they should consider getting vaccine shots for flu which regularly get updated according to the newer strains of viruses. The expert shared that anti-inflammatory medicines and antihistamine can help. However, if nothing works, one should seek professional help.

While the number of COVID-19 cases have dropped in the country, viruses like this one have taken over and are growing rapidly, putting all of us at health risk. Our expert shared that this one is not pneumonia but a flu that can be treated with the right medicines and professional help. Further, the expert suggested taking proper medications timely to keep the infection at bay.